Private Investigations

US Security has an elite group of Licensed Private Investigators with over a hundred years of experience combined in investigations on the Local and Federal levels. Our investigators are seasoned and experienced in all types of investigations, and have the most cutting edge technology available on the market.

Undercover Operations

In the past year US Security undercover operatives have been responsible for the recovery of over $250,000 in inventory due to theft, and benefits fraud. Our Undercover Operations group is staffed with a wide array of skilled and efficient professionals.

Loss Prevention

U.S. Security has extensive experience in developing and re-developing both internal and contract loss prevention programs. Our staffs have designed loss prevention and accountability programs for various retail, healthcare, and industrial facilities. Through effective analysis or your specific operational needs, vulnerabilities will be identified, applicable systems will be implemented, and your overall system will be re-engineered to meet your goals.

Executive Protection

We provide personal protection services for at-risk individuals, including senior corporate executives, heads of state and VIPs, celebrities, and other high-net-worth individuals. Our personal protection professionals are skilled in advance and logistics planning, hazard evaluation, crisis management, and manmade or natural emergency response.


Technology enhances many aspects of our operational effectiveness and is a key driver in advancing guard services and the security management industry.

About Us

Established in 1979 as US Alliance Management Corporation (dba US Security) in Miami, Florida with the mission of instituting a “client-focused” security management company. This concept inspired a paradigm shift for the industry from a guard service business to a complete integrated security solutions provider. Read more